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'Tuned4u' Piano Maintenance Scheme

This piano maintenance service is currently only available in the Harrogate and Wetherby areas. It is designed to provide regular tunings - two or more times a year (the scheme can be tailored to meet individual requirements) and in addition, to provide breakdown cover. Call-outs are on an appointment only basis. Priority is however given to Tuned4u clients and call-outs are free of charge.

Payment is made by monthly standing order and the first tuning takes place when six, monthly payments have accrued (on a six-monthly scheme). The annual cost is the standard tuning charge multiplied by the number of tunings per year plus a small percentage to cover the extra benefits. The instalments are guaranteed not to be increased for a minimum of two years. Substantial discounts are available for multiple pianos at the same address.

The following schedule summarises the main elements of the cover:


What is covered

  • Tuning every six months to include an inspection and essential adjustments
  • Call-out to urgent problems that cannot wait until the tuning visit
  • The labour involved in dealing with minor repairs and adjustments to remedy isolated faults and problems, the most common of which are listed here:
    1. Broken string
    2. Sticking keys
    3. Pedal faults
    4. Notes "ringing on"
    5. Note not repeating or playing properly
    6. Loose key covering
    7. Broken hammer shank
    8. Broken spring, tape or other action part

What is not covered

  • Soundboard, bridges, iron frame, tuning pin plank, castors, casework, veneers and the piano finish.
  • Legs and pedal lyres (on grand pianos).
  • Overhauls, complete or partial - even if such work is recommended.
  • Regulating the action and keys.
  • Damage caused by unsuitable location, misuse or neglect.
  • The cost of any parts supplied.

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